Dr. Mahdi Rostami MD

Retina Specialist

Raised and educated on the east coast, Dr. Rostami decided that he didn't want to die from the cold or high taxes so he moved to Texas to start his own medical practice.

He graduated from medical school at Geisinger Medical College in Scranton PA on a full scholarship. Dr Rostami greatly enjoyed working with the nice and hospitable rural communities of north east Pennsylvania. After medical school he completed his ophthalmology residency at Case Western in Cleveland OH, where he had to honor to treat our veterans and servicemen at the VA. After many years in the cold he decided to apply for fellowship in more habitable parts of the country.

When Dr Rostami learned that he was accepted for fellowship at Valley Retina Institute in Mcallen TX he was overjoyed realizing that he won't have to pay state income tax. In south Texas Dr Rostami had never seen such bad cases of diabetic eye disease until he moved to the valley, it was truly a horror show but it gave him experience like no other.

If you read this far I commend you, by now you’ve probably realized I wrote this thing about myself and you are right! I am Dr. Mahdi Rostami and it would be an honor to meet and take care of you.

As a medical doctor and surgeon I believe in a collaborative effort with all healthcare providers such as optometrists, nurse practitioners and others in making sure our patients receive the most comprehensive care.

In my free time I travel, grill, scuba dive and go to the gun range. I've been to over 30 countries and pretend to speak multiple languages. Now that I’m done with my medical training, I plan to make Frisco my home!

-Dr Rostami