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New Eye Doctor in Frisco Texas

Updated: Dec 9, 2019

My name is Dr. Mahdi Rostami MD, I am an ophthalmologist or as I like to simply say an eye surgeon. Im not sure if anyone is actually gonna read this but its come to my attention that the best way to get publicity online is to blog. Im not gonna advertise my blog to anyone not even my friends and family. The only purpose of this blog is to get the mysterious google “bots“ and “spiders” to “crawl” my website. That way Lone Star Eye Specialists rates high on google searches when someone is looking for an eye doctor in Frisco Texas. I guess thats what the fancy tech people call search engine optimization (SEO). So if you are here reading this then congrats, you now have access to my inner thoughts, concerns and hopes!

As medical doctor I never got any education on how to run a business or even a medical practice yet from the time I finished medical school I knew this is what I wanted to do.

I like to hang on to this screenshot because it really shows that Lone Star Eye Specialists was 6 years in the making.

Dr Ho Sun Choi also started his own practice around 6 years ago and started blogging about it which really inspired me to believe its truly possible to go solo.

A lot of young doctors ask me what is the first step on starting a practice. Its funny, even though I am practically done with the process of setting up my practice I still cant tell you with certainty what is the first step. In fact I really think there are multiple first steps and Ill try to go through my personal experience with each one of them on this blog.

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2 commenti

Melissa Kimberlin
Melissa Kimberlin
11 feb 2022

Not yet in need of an Eye Surgeon, though my mother had one when she was alive due to diabetes. If I do I will reach out. But I have been getting your ad's and I loved the one I just got thanking your father. It is funny personable and hilarious all at the same time. Keep it up. You got my vote and when I need you I will reach out as well.

Mi piace

01 apr 2021

Congratulations on opening your practice and I look forward to our visit tomorrow afternoon. Respectfully, Daniel Goncalo

Mi piace
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