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Equipment for an Ophthalmology Clinic

Buying equipment is always a big part of starting a medical practice especially for a specialty like ophthalmology. I often joke with my friend whos a psychiatrist that all he really needs to start his practice is 2 chairs. For Ophthalmology, particularly retina the cost is a bit higher. The biggest expense is the OCT which I discussed in my last post, that can run you as low as $39k new to $100k depending on the model and your negotiation skills. The other stuff like the chair, the stand, the slit lamp, the tonopen (this lets you measure eye pressure) all together can cause you around $15k-$30k. Cost was an issue for me but I made sure I got what I believe would allow me to provide the best care, to me there is no negotiating that. Luckily the company that ordered the equipment delivered the stuff themselves to my office in Frisco, Ive been having some difficulty getting regular mail due to the buidling being so new. Its still pretty sureal to see an exam room set up the way I like, though Ive come to realize if it doesnt work out well I only have myself to blame?

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