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Closing the building loan

Well the day finally came to close the loan. Getting approved for the loan was the easy part, little did I know that the paper work and hassle had just begun. After getting the bank all the documents they wanted they sent the agent from the title company to my clinic so we could sign everything. The guy asked me where can we sign the stuff and since I still havent gotten a desk for my office I said lets just do it right on the pool table. As you can see from the pic there was a ton of paper and lots of stuff to go over and sign.

Im glad its over though. Looking back this whole process of starting a practice would have been much easier if I just leased a place and paid for tenet improvments. This way though I get exactly what I want and own it. My mortgage is cheaper than rent I would have paid anywhere else, even with the property tax that I dont have to pay till Oct of next year its still cheaper. Yes, Frisco is an expensive market.

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