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Insurance companies

I would say the worst part of this whole experience has probably been trying to get credentialed with insurance companies. Its been almost 6 months and Im still getting push back from medicare. They come up with every single reason in the book and some reasons Im sure they make up to deny me getting my medicare number to bill for services. Im not the only doctor this has happened to. In fact many of the solo doctors in our google group recommend contacting your local congressman to intervene for you. When I weny on Congressmans Van Taylor website one of the options in the email template for concerns is having issues with a federal agency. The staffer did get back to me so hopefully this issue gets resolved soon. I am currently seeing medicare patients because I can hold the claims for one year. The issue is that a lot of the private hmo medicare advantage plans and medicaid require a medicare number and I can only hold those claims for 3 months. Regardless I am still accepting medicaid patient, I actually saw one last week because this mom couldnt find anyone else that would take it. If I get my medicare number in time great, that way I can bill for it. If not it would be dissapointing but I truly believe that no one should be turned away because they cant afford care. If the day comes that we cant help the people then what the hell are we doing here?

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