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First day at Lone Star Eye Specialists!!!

Well it finally happened, I actually saw patients today. I had scheduled two today and they both came in. I was initially worried that they would have a hard time finding my office since it is brand new building right off highway 121 near coit in Frisco. I was really relieved how chill and relax the patients were considering the office is bare bones right now and still looks like its getting set up. Its funny cause to me this is a super exciting day but to them its just another doctors visit. Even though my office may not have all the fancy decorations or wall paintings yet, it does have all the medical equipment I need to start taking care of patients which is what I did. Both cases were easy enough to handle, in fact patient care was the eaisest part of the day today, it was everything else like trying to return the printer from amazon that was missing a wire, going to the tailor to drop off my white coat that was too big, trying to get the internet work and watching my poor receptionist arguing with unhelpful insurance companies on trying to figure out how much money to collect from the patients.

Its been almost 3 months since I saw a patient, It felt really good, I think its because for those 30 minutes or so when Im with a patient I dont think of anything else besides the person in front of me.

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