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Supplies for an eye clinic

Even though my specialty is retina I still want my clinic to be prepared to handle most general ophthalmlogy issues. There is actually a website called eye care and cure that sells everything eye. I took pictures of the supply closet and exam room drawers at the clinic where I previously worked to remember exactly what I needed when I decided to go solo. The photos were helpful for some minor items here and there but most of the stuff I remembered simply for doing the same thing thousands of times in clinic, after all its the repetition that makes good training.

Actually stocking the reception desk was more difficult for me since this is where I lack experience, in medical school we got no training on how to stock an office desk. I ordered a bunch of stuff from amazon, I ended up getting some stuff I doubt Ill use like a stapler but who knows right? Im sure there is still stuff missing that I will only realize when I need it. I guess there is always more to learn.

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